OBLIGOR | If you intend to sell products through third-party intermediaries, you should be aware that there are many states that require service contract providers to be registered and/or licensed. DAC can step you through the complicated process by state, and assist with obligor licensing for any type of service contract or F&I product. On an interim basis, we can even provide the services of our own obligor, Dealers Alliance Corporation, to help you get to market faster while we assist you in obtaining your own licenses. DAC makes it incredibly easy for its clients to be compliant, so you can focus on what you do best – selling.


  • DAC can help you get the requisite licenses to become your own obligor.
  • In addition, our team of experts will set you up so you can easily manage your renewal licenses on an ongoing basis.
  • For those times when speed to market is absolutely critical, Dealers Alliance Corporation can act as your interim obligor.