PRODUCTS | Do you have a great idea to improve your service contract product offering, but are getting bogged down by your current insurance provider to make changes? Do you want to launch an ancillary product, but it's taking forever to get approval? DAC supports a broad range of F&I products, and fully understands the financial, legal, and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome in order to transform your great idea into a great product. Our team has an entrepreneurial spirit that will support your creativity and help you optimize performance. If you are willing to take the risk to reap the potential rewards, DAC can help bring your ideas to life. 

  • DAC’s many clients include service contract administrators for vehicles, brown and white goods, and home warranties, among others.
  • We also support ancillary automotive products, as well as service contracts for motorcycles, powersports, trucks (including Class 3-8), RVs, and fleet programs, as well as home-related products such as appliances, electronics and furniture.
  • DAC is happy to work with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by introducing exciting new products to an existing suite of core F&I offerings.